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Complete Guide to Start the Trading Business from Scratch

noviembre 23, 2023

The world of trading, with its promises of financial freedom and exciting opportunities, often attracts people looking for a new way to generate income. However, entering this field without prior knowledge can be overwhelming. This guide is designed to provide you with the essential fundamentals and steps necessary to get started in the trading business from scratch.

1. Education: The Fundamental Base

The first step towards success in trading is education. Spend time understanding the financial markets, the different types of trading instruments (stocks, currencies, commodities, etc.), and analysis methods (technical, fundamental, quantitative).

  • Books and Online Resources : Explore books, blogs, and online courses from trusted sources. I recommend works such as «Technical Analysis of Financial Markets» by John J. Murphy and «Trading in the Zone» by Mark Douglas.
  • Understand Key Terms : Familiarize yourself with concepts such as buy and sell orders, leverage, risk/reward, technical and fundamental analysis, among others.

2. Establish Clear Goals and Plans

Define your realistic financial goals and a solid trading plan. This includes aspects such as the amount of capital you are willing to invest, your risk tolerance, and your market entry and exit strategy.

  • Risk Management : It is essential. Set loss limits and don’t risk more than you can afford to lose.
  • Trading Plan : Create a detailed plan that includes your financial objectives, trading strategies, trading hours, and method of monitoring and analyzing your trades.

3. Choose a Market and Instrument Type

Decide in which market and type of instrument you want to operate. You can choose between stocks, currencies (forex), raw materials, cryptocurrencies, among others.

  • Research and Practice : Perform simulations or operations with virtual money to better understand how each market behaves and how prices move.

4. Selecting a Reliable Broker

Selecting a reliable and regulated broker is crucial. Research their reputation, fees, trading platforms offered, order execution and customer service.

  • Practice Account : Some brokers offer demo accounts to practice before trading with real money. Take advantage of this option to familiarize yourself with the platform.

5. Developing and Testing a Trading Strategy

Develop a strategy based on your style, whether it’s intraday, swing trading or long-term investing. Test your strategy with historical data to evaluate its effectiveness before applying it in the real market.

  • Discipline and Consistency : Follow your strategy with discipline and be consistent in your approach, avoiding emotional decisions based on momentary impulses.

6. Continuous Analysis and Learning

The financial market is dynamic and always changing. Stay up to date with economic news, market analysis and develop a continuous learning mindset.

  • Recording and Analysis of Operations : Keep a detailed record of your operations to identify patterns and areas for improvement.

7. Emotional Management and Trading Psychology

Controlling emotions is key in trading. Greed, fear and impatience can lead to poor decisions. Learn to manage these emotions and stay calm in volatile market situations.

8. Start with Small Investments

Start with small investments and gradually increase as you gain experience and confidence in your strategy.

9. Networking and Community

Join groups or communities of traders to share experiences, strategies and advice. Knowledge sharing can be invaluable to your development as a trader.

10. Constant Evolution

Remember that trading is a journey of continuous learning. Keep an open mind to adapt to market changes and evolve as a trader.


Starting in the trading business from scratch requires dedication, education and patience. There are no guarantees of success, but with proper preparation, risk management, and discipline, you can increase your chances of achieving positive results. Maintain a methodical approach, learn from your mistakes and celebrate your victories, and you will see your trading experience develop over time.